Retail stores that are agricultural and equestrian related are permitted. Examples include, grain and feed stores, tack shops, farm implements, hardware, and customary items typically used in farm and equestrian activities can be sold from the property.

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13-401A.1    Principal Permitted Uses on the Land and in Buildings.
a.     Farms, including agriculture, agronomy, animal husbandry, equestrian ownership, boarding and training, horticulture and silviculture, either on one (1) lot or by lease or easement on several lots.
b.     Detached dwelling units.
c.     Public playgrounds, conservation areas, parks and public purpose uses.
d.     Houses of worship.
e.     Public and private day schools of elementary and/or high school grade licensed by the State of New Jersey; nursery schools and day care centers are not permitted.
f.      Open air clubs.
h.     Private boarding schools.
j.      Facility to support agriculture as a conditional use subject to the conditions set forth in subsection 13-601.11 of this chapter.
        (Ord. #94-26, §3; Ord. #94-28, §1; Ord. #95-2, §2; Ord. #98-33, §3; Ord. #2010-001, §§2, 3)

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